In Asia, we’re connecting India SMEs with their counterparts in Africa and Asia. We’re also supporting our organic agribusiness SMEs connect with buyers globally.

We’ve also connected our India network of public health and energy practitioners with our African partners to provide training to resolve the challenges on the continent. Living Proof (India) is a social enterprise working in the space of Agro and organic products, Nutrition, and fair trade. The vision of this project is to create social and economic development to farmers, artisans and entrepreneurs in rural areas. Living Proof (India) has developed a model to connect farmers and artisans to main stream markets in the U.S., Europe, and different geographical locations around the world. We deal with food and textile products including certified organic products. Our products meet the international standards and the quality requirements. Living Proof acts an agent to strengthen the bond between customers and producers in a sustainable and fair way.

In Papua New Guinea, we’re working to improve an export-oriented network to better support organic agribusiness entrepreneurs.

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