Tipo A

Afro Jhow 01 (foto de Max Gaggino)

Tipo A is a joint social venture between Living Proof and Afro Jhow, one of Salvador da Bahia Brazil’s prized musical artists. Tipo A serves as a cultural point and fashion store in the heart of Salvador Historical Center, Pelourinho, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A a native of Pelourinho, Afro Jhow’s Extraordinary Enterprise serves as business incubator for other artists, a cultural space, for areas residents, and an exchange center where locals sell to  glocal!

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Tipo A dedicates itself to ending poverty, improving lives, and strengthening the local economy by donating clothing, time, and its profits to key Entrepreneurship, Education, and Exchange activities in Salvador da Bahia.


Tipo A also serves as a incubator that has employed young entrepreneurs, and launched e-commerce spin-off  ventures.


During the 2014 FIFA World Cup, while protest where widespread in Brazil over socio-economic disparities, Tipo A hired local youth local, trained them in logistics and use of mobile technology to transact World Cup purchases. Profit was reinvested to scale up it local incubator mission.


The concept is simple: great business, better community. Tipo A is a great example of how ingenuity and entrepreneurialism can serve the greater good of a community. You can follow Tipo A business development via Facebook.


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Afro Jhow Music Video