Founder’s Message

Dear Partner,

We wish you a very warm welcome to the Living Proof website!

Living Proof is a global business that creates shared value through Entrepreneurship, Education, and Exchange. We believe ordinary people working together can build Extraordinary Enterprises ™ that end poverty, improve lives, and strengthen economies. Such has been our experience since we began helping artisans, remote agriculturalist, and small informal businesses in the developing world access new markets for global trade and commerce.

We have evolved from an organization that only provided market access to one that now makes impact investments, awards scholarships, and conducts exchanges to strengthen our entrepreneurs ability to improve locally owned economies by having open access to global supplies chains, trade and commerce. Our Entrepreneurship, Education and Exchange (EEE) focuses investments on base of pyramid (BOP) small and medium enterprise (SME) entrepreneurs, their education, and professional exchanges that strengthen their businesses ability to improve their communities. We focus on BOP SMEs because they are the foundation of stable, healthy, local economies through their goods, services and jobs produced.

As economic growth and development increase in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, SMEs not only need support to access historical export regions of Europe and North America, they also need support to increase trade amongst their respective regions. Most importantly, they also need to strengthen their innovative capacity to address the common socio-economic challenges related to job creation, environment, natural resource management, public health, and energy.

Living Proof is working with existing and future generations of BOP entrepreneurs by facilitating market access to historical and new trade routes, and investing in education and professional exchanges to build Extraordinary Enterprises ™. In so many ways the world is changing, and as it turns, Living Proof will take an active role in the “Transition Team” to ensure an improved world exists for future generations.

We recognize the apparent idealism of our motto: “Ordinary people working build Extraordinary Enterprises ™”. We also recognize the realism that history teaches through the extraordinary accomplishments of past BOP inventors and business leaders whose innovations remain relevant today. These accomplishments strengthen our confidence and optimism because they show us that while we may be ordinary people, we are also a global network of entrepreneurs, students, mentors, organizations, institutions, businesses and other key BOP stakeholders working together to build Extraordinary Enterprises ™ that end poverty, improve livelihoods, and strengthen our communities, economies, nations and planet!

Know that if you partner by financially supporting Living Proof initiatives or purchasing our products or services, all profit generated is, and always will be, reinvested to advance our Extraordinary Enterprises ™ mission. Thank you again for visiting our website. Be in touch! Be Living Proof!