Portfolios:   Entreprenuership

Rosalinda Montero-Sutton is an entrepreneur making an impact in Equatorial Guinea. Rosalinda works with local retailers to source low price, high quality consumables for import. Her aim is to increase the profit margins of small and remote retailers while also offering the best price for consumers. Rose also intends projects to strengthen agriculture and manufacturing […]

Balu, Mani, and Murali are three entrepreneurs who have a T-shirt factory in Tirupur, India. Living Proof has partnered with them to expand their global exports. Learn more about their humble beginnings and the social investments they make in their workforce on the Living Proof Youtube channel. See more photos on our flickr page! Apple […]

Lila John makes kitchen items from coconut shell and recycled wood. Her business has elevated the quality of life of nine families including her own. Since 2007, Living Proof has partnered with her to export her products to North and South America. We are now investing in her operations to find new markets and supply […]

Living Proof has partnered with Willy Resources to increase local production of Noni juice in Papua New Guinea (PNG). Noni is an indigenous plant of the region and used daily as a highly rich fruit food and to treat many ailments. The aim is to produce an all natural, healthy beverage to supply to local […]

Tipo A is a joint social venture between Living Proof and Afro Jhow, one of Salvador da Bahia Brazil’s prized musical artists. Tipo A serves as a cultural point and fashion store in the heart of Salvador Historical Center, Pelourinho, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A a native of Pelourinho, Afro Jhow’s Extraordinary Enterprise serves […]