Ambassadorial Scholarship


About the Scholarship

Education lays a foundation for sustained economic growth as it is a paramount tool to reduce poverty. The Living Proof Ambassadorial Scholarship provides exceptional students worldwide with the resources needed to pursue their education goals and become successful global citizens. The Ambassadorial Scholars program consists of financial support, potential business plan funding, and a community service component to expand Living Proof’s work.

Living Proof awards scholarships and fellowships to students committed to community development through Entrepreneurship, Education, and Exchange. Students from around the world build strategic networks and partner on key initiatives to acquire career-related educational experience, serve as peer-mentors, and as Living Proof Ambassadors in our target communities.

Ambassadorial Scholars advance the mission of Living Proof through contributions to our Entrepreneurship, Education, and Exchange programs. Ambassadorial Scholars must maintain a minimum 3.0 GPA, be high performing and committed to our core values. Students are enrolled not less than half time in high school, undergraduate or graduate programs in accredited educational institutions.