In Memoriam

Living Proof Tribute: Father Mathew Vaddakkermuriyil

August 15, 1941- June 21, 2012

Living Proof Founding Board Member Father Mathew Vaddakkermuriyil passed away at Amrita Hospital, Kerala, India on Friday, June 21, 2012. His gift of life and service was a blessing to all those who encountered his presence and his legacy of prayer, patience and persistence is renewed within us each day.

Father Mathew initiated countless innovations in recent years aimed at protecting the interests of the ordinary farmer. He was one of founders of the Indian Farmers Movement (INFARM est. 1952), and the Malanada Development Society (MDS) serving as its secretary and treasurer from 1972- 2002. He was a highly respected leader responsible for personally organizing and training thousands of rural Indians to improve their livelihoods. He was an agriculture and renewable energy pioneer whose spirit radiated and was magnetic to all the lives he touched.

He was internationally known and recognized for his transformative work in bee keeping and honey production, silk weaving, soap manufacturing, agriculture, animal husbandry, alternative energy, integrated child development, environmental education, textiles, manufacturing, water resource management, milk production, housing and rural sanitation, rural cooperatives, participatory planning and action, handicrafts, research and training.

We are now all called to be reflections of his innovation, imagination, humility, entrepreneurship, faith and generosity of spirit. From New York to India to Angola, Father Mathew generously and graciously assisted Living Proof with vibrancy. We are eternally grateful for his wisdom and ingenuity and will celebrate and honor his life through our service to others. Father Mathew Vaddakkermuriyil was a Living Proof of service before self and faith in action.

Father Mathew: LIVING PROOF of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary feats! Be LIVING PROOF!

“Do it now! Today, will become yesterday, tomorrow”.

-Father Mathew Vadakkemuriyil

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