Our People

Board Of Directors

‚ÄčOverseeing the staff is the Board of Directors. Advising our Board of Directors is a specialized Advisory Council. Our Living Proof Advisory Council and our Board of Directors provide guidance, vision, strategic thinking and innovative program development. Supported by Living Proof Fellows and Associates, our work is done through a global network of volunteers who are committed to our mission locally owned enterprise development for stable, healthy, economies.


Advisory council members are selected by the Board amongst a field of knowledgeable Entrepreneurship, Education, and Exchange practitioners developing communities. Our Advisors serve as specialized consultants of Living Proof providing us with guidance and expertise.


Our Staff keep us Organized. They are the key to our success in effectively and efficiently serving others. Our staff serve as the global connectors, project managers, executive and administrative assistants that keep us alive, and living.


Fellows are student volunteers who are enrolled not less than half-time in high school, undergraduate or graduate programs in accredited educational institutions. They work on key initiatives to acquire career-related educational experience, serve as peer-mentors, and as Living Proof Ambassadors representing us by supporting community development initiatives in Entrepreneurship, Education, and Exchange.


Associates are our entrepreneurs, educators, students, mentors, and other exchange conduits that form our global network of responsible community developers. As essential components of our team, associates utilize multiple skill sets to support us.