We promote Entrepreneurship by Making Impact!

We invest in and support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) involved in global trade. Our SME support includes entrepreneurs in the developing world seeking market entry and expansion into global markets, or public health and technology entrepreneurs in developing nations aiming to improve social economic conditions in theirs. All profit generated by Living Proof is reinvested to create more businesses in the region where the profit was generated.

Our profit is generated from returns earned on micro loans, impact investments, and sales made from our market access and expansion services to SMEs. We also have equity in some ventures.

Our targeted entrepreneurs work in Agribusiness, Aquaculture, Energy Solutions, Health Care, Import-Exports, Supply Chain Management, Technology, and Textiles.

Current projects include:

  • Supporting Indian SMEs increased trade with African, American and European entrepreneurs.
  • Supporting African, Brazilian, Indian, and Eastern European exports into sustainable agribusiness, aquaculture, and textile supply chains in the Americas and Western Europe.
  • Providing micro-credit and impact investing entrepreneurship loans to unemployed urban youth in Africa, Brazil and the United States.
  • Support for African entrepreneurs working in incubators, cluster development, renewable energy, clean water, and health care solutions.