What is Living Proof?

Living Proof is a social business 501(c)(3) dedicated to Entrepreneurship, Education, and Exchange. We provide investment and support services for small and medium enterprises engaged in global trade and commerce. We facilitate market, education, and training access for entrepreneurs traditionally excluded from global commerce and exchange opportunities.

Where does Living Proof work?

Globally and locally. Living Proof headquarters is based in New York City and our staff, associates and advisors work worldwide. Living Proof current projects include supporting organic agribusiness in India; impact investing and environmental sustainability in Papua New Guinea and a social venture centered on culture and fashion in Brazil. We operate in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Pacific and target post-conflict reconstructing populations in Africa to meet the high demand for SME support for those with limited or no access. Living Proof Ambassadorial Scholars study in China, Brazil and North America.

How did Living Proof get started?

Living Proof was founded by Mujahid Washington who originally sought to help small artisans and agriculturalists in Papua New Guinea gain market access to the United States. Although financially marginalized, the impoverished seek opportunities to create businesses, pursue education and participate in exchange.

Subsequent projects began by connecting, collaborating to develop communities and deliver critical services needed to start businesses; trade food, clothing and shelter items globally; pursue education; and participate in exchange opportunities. In addressing the environmental need to promote local management of global resources and actively responding to the social need to trade goods, services and ideas, and investing in students, we reduce impoverishment caused by lack of market access.

Who does Living Proof work with?

Living Proof partners internationally with investors, financing institutions, entrepreneurs, educators, students, mentors, and exchange conduits using our talents to develop communities. We work with public and private sector advocates of Entrepreneurship, Education, and Exchange.

How does Living Proof support Entrepreneurship, Education and Exchange?

Entrepreneurship: We educate and invest in impact entrepreneurs. Living Proof identifies and nominates innovative, socially responsible, creative, ambitious and focused entrepreneurs in target communities. Our target communities are those traditionally excluded from participating in global commerce and exchange opportunities. Our entrepreneurs link with our business development network to acquire the tools and resources necessary to build and maintain sustainable ventures to improve their livelihoods and develop communities.

Education: We partner by investing in promising students. Living Proof awards fellowships to students committed to community development through Entrepreneurship, Education, and Exchange. Students from around the world continue to benefit from the Living Proof Fellowship and enhance our network by contributing their talents and skills on key initiatives serving as peer-mentors, and as Living Proof Ambassadors in our target communities.

Exchange: We develop communities through the exchange of ideas, products and services. Our primary purpose to serve is to share our resources through exchange interactions that responsibly develop our communities. Living Proof serves as a link between the investor, entrepreneur and the market. We sponsor entrepreneurial and educational exchanges between people, organizations and our target communities. We facilitate opportunities for those traditionally excluded from participating in global commerce and exchange opportunities.

How can I partner with Living Proof as an entrepreneur?

If you have demonstrated skills in your area of expertise, a passion for your work, proven commitment to social entrepreneurship and a desire to improve your livelihoods and develop communities we want to hear from you! Email us at [email protected]

How can I become a Living Proof Ambassadorial Scholar?

The Ambassadorial Scholars program consists of financial support, potential business plan funding, and a community service component to expand Living Proof’s work. If you are a high achieving and ambitious student with limited access to resources and wish to pursue your education goals to become a successful global citizen, we want to hear from you! If you would like to learn more about eligibility and apply for a scholarship, please complete the Inquiry Form (http://alivingproof.org/ambassadorial-scholar-inquiry/.)

How can I get involved right now?

Living Proof is a global network of people, organizations, and institutions working together to accomplish extraordinary things in Entrepreneurship, Education, and Exchange. We encourage you to join.

Why should I donate to Living Proof?

Your support of Living Proof improves the lives of those traditionally excluded from participating in education and exchange opportunities. 100% of your contribution goes to the Living Proof Ambassadorial Scholars program. Education is our biggest asset in a global world which is becoming a knowledge-based economy and further advanced skills are necessary to thrive. Education lays a foundation for sustained economic growth as it is a paramount tool to reduce poverty. The Living Proof Ambassadorial Scholarship provides under-served students worldwide with the resources needed to pursue their education goals and become successful global citizens.

Join us today as we invest in enterprising students in the world’s most under-served places and sustainably transform their lives. Be rest assured that your donation goes to the people who need it – before we work with any student, we conduct a substantial vetting and application process to ensure that our scholarship funds are going to students that use their money wisely. We work with each student individually, as mentors, from college admissions to graduation and internship/job placement.

Additionally, Ambassadorial Scholars advance the mission of Living Proof and enhance our network by contributing their talents and skills on key initiatives serving as peer-mentors, and as Living Proof Ambassadors in our target communities.

How can I learn more about Living Proof?

Please email us at [email protected]